Hand-crafted slot car

dbs-slot-car-9-cadre.jpg dbs-slot-car-10-cadre.jpg


This rather strange green miniature built to a scale of 1 to 23, is equipped with a small electric engine which allows it to be used on electric track circuits like the "Circuit 24". The British retailer who advertised the miniature for sale in the summer of 2012, described it as a unique hand-crafted model dating from the 1970's. Unfortunately, the creator of this less than perfect but nonetheless charming creation remains unknown. It now belongs to an Austrian collector who is a fan of the Aston Martin DBS, and who has kindly provided some photos :


dbs-slot-car-1-cadre.jpg dbs-slot-car-6-cadre.jpg
dbs-slot-car-3-cadre.jpg dbs-slot-car-5-cadre.jpg


dbs-slot-car-7-cadre.jpg dbs-slot-car-4-cadre.jpg