Many cars still need to be identified. Here are several photos of cars which have been collected from different sources, including the internet. If you are the owner of one of these vehicles and you would like it to be featured, then please contact me via the "Contact" page and I will be delighted to add your car to our general census which is currently underway.

AR 64 69  





Essen Motor Show DBS 1968_2 355____75.jpg 0206.jpg 1969 AM.jpg zv-8457-irlande-2010.jpg  
No info South Africa 2008 - CHY890 GP Exoticars USA 0353.jpg
AR 52315.jpg 0350.jpg RHD 017
0378.jpg DBS 1970 barn find.jpg        
DBS Vantage 1968 in Lebanon Thom van Esveld - November 17th.2013 ah-74-70-lhd-2006.jpg DBS Vantage LHD Série 1 1969 - SPORT AUTO Juin 2001
Antwerp Classic Salon 2013 Essen Motor Shom DBS 1968_1 DBS Kuala Lumpur 2014 0205.jpg Essen Motor Show DBS 1968_3 LHD Red interior in France.jpg
0201.jpg A Paris.jpg Unknown 335 ZYL.jpg ANK 904 G.jpg
Sant Antoni - Barcelona - December 3rd 2011
HB KS 655 H.jpg
0218.jpg 0178.jpg DBS RHD Série 1 1968 - SPORT AUTO Septembre 1989
0180.jpg DUB 255 / OHMSS USA.jpg England 2013    
0174.jpg 0382.jpg          
MT DBS 066.jpg 0187_cadre.jpg

In California 9-b-0676-belgium-2013.jpg dbs-vantage-green-oct-94-aston-martin-dbs-6cyl-4lr-gbp-25-950-star-garage-collingham.jpg 0392.jpg    
2 DBS or DBS V8 in Thaïland dbsz-concept-n-3.jpg ClassicCarLab OGX 100.jpg