16/07/2023     4 new DBS have been identified : DBS/5190/RA (England), DBS/5302/LAC (USA), DBS/5369/R (England), DBS/5407/LAC (USA).

After more than one year and half without publishing any newsletter, I am finally back with 19 new DBS identified : DBS/5047/R (Holland), DBS/5050/LAC, DBS/5107/R (England), DBS/5130/R (England), DBS/5183/R (England), DBS/5225/R (England), DBS/5242/LAC (Norway), DBS/5397/LAC (France), DBS/5416/RAC (Rhodesia), DBS/5417/LC (USA), DBS/5523/R (England), DBS/5591/R (England), DBS/5622/R (England), DBS/5649/LC (USA), DBS/5723/R (England), DBS/5734/R (England), DBS/5745/R, DBS/5748/R (England) and DBS/5809/R (England). To be noticed that DBS/5397/LAC has been previously identified as destroyed, but this information was wrong. The car is still alive ! Delivered from new to Koweït, it has been imported and registred in France in 1982. Owned by a great Aston Martin collector in France in the region of Chartres during about 40 years, the car has been completely restored. Then, it has been sold in 2021 to a Member of the French section of the Aston Martin Owners Club, who drives it regularly. I want to apologize to him for this regrettable mistake.

Dbs 5397 lac france DBS/5397/LAC Dbs 5397 lac 0


I also want to thank all the ones who have kept contributing to inform me every time a disappeared DBS was appearing somewhere.  It would be too long to thank them all personnaly, but they will know who I am talking about.  Now, I am going to start  reading all the emails that I have received for several months and try to answer them one by one if it is not too late. Many thanks to everybody for your patience...  Starting from now, I hope to find some more time to keep maintaining alive as long as possible.

5 new DBS identified : DBS/5015/R (for sale last summer in Germany), DBS/5544/R (on the way to be restored in Netherland), DBS/5551/R (equipped with a nice Webasto sunroof by a previous owner and now for sale in Sweden), DBS/5727/R (sold in Brussels by Bonhams on 06/09/2020 for 60.950 € including premium) and DBSFI/5790/L (to be seen at the Emil Frey Classics Museum at Safenwill in Switzerland).
In addition, new pictures of : DBS/5120/RCA (now for sale in England), DBS/5328/R (recently rebuilt as a DB4 GT Zagato Replica by the English company Evanta Motor Company and now for sale in Belgium), DBS/5382/R (recently sold in Germany), DBS/5440/R (unsold at Silverstone Auctions last July), DBS/5686/R, DBS/5796/R (recently repainted in Cumberland Grey and now for sale through online auctions in Netherland) and DBS/5822/RCA (recently repainted in its original color "Tankard Grey" by John O., its new Australian owner - to be noticed that DBS/5822/RCA is the only 6 cylinder DBS 6 which has been originally painted in this color by the Aston Martin production facility at Newport Pagnell - Congratulations to John for this very nice initiative !).
Again, many thanks to Eric (France), Louis (France), Marien (Netherland), Thomas (France) and Wolfgang (Austria) for their contribution to the 6 cylinder DBS census.
A recent discovery of a "special" DBS : DBS/5108/LAC
Produced on August 30th, 1968 and dispatched on September 2nd the same year, this DBS was delivered new to the Imperial Palace of Addis-Abeba in Ethiopia. The lucky custodian was 36-year old Dejazmatch Merid Beyene, the second son of Princess Romanework and Prince Beyene Merid. Princess Romanework was the eldest daughter of Haïlé Sélassié 1, the Emperor of Ethiopia and it is rumoured that this DBS was one of six delivered to the Ethiopian royal family ! This rumour still remains to be confirmed. Below are three pictures of this DBS, painted in "Dubonnet Rosso" with "Pigskin" trim and Webasto sun roof which was discovered by an English citizen working in Ethiopia. There is also a picture of Merid Beyene when he was 19 years old. 
Many thanks to Pat from Birmingham (England) for having shared this fascinating story with us and for providing the pictures of the DBS.
    DBS/5108/LAC in 2020 - Prince Beyene Merid in 1951
30/04/2020   7 new DBS have been identified : DBS/5163/R (England), DBS/5172/R (England), DBS/5309/R (England), DBS/5312/LAC (USA), DBS/5620/R (England), DBS/5735/R (Wales), DBS/5783/R (England). To be noticed that DBS/5783/R has also been added to the page Chassis reconversion, this DBS being now a DB3 S Replica. To be as well noticed that the DBS previously identified as being DBS/5620/R is in reality DBS/5520/R. The identification of the true DBS/5620/R has allowed to correct this regrettable mistake. A very special thank you to Thomas (France) for the fabulous identification tool that he allowed me to discover, and many thanks David (USA), Len (USA), Nick (England) and Wolfgang (Austria) for their support. In addition, you will find in this newsletter new pictures of the following DBS previously identified : DBS/5023/R, DBS/5110/L, DBS/5237/R, DBS/5271/LAC, DBS/5413/LAC (many thanks to Steven from USA), DBS/5453/R, DBS/5575/LC, DBS/5662/R, and DBSFI/5736/R. In total, 438 DBS have been identified until today !
17/04/2020   A new page dedicated to an Aston Martin DBS built out of Lego bricks by an Australian Lego fan :
    Lego DBS

2 new advertisements have been added. The first one is for the Aston Martin dealer Arnold G. Wilson, who was based in Leeds and who traded in Yorkshire, Northumberland and Durham. The  second is for the famous English tyre manufacturer AVON.

05/04/2020 has recently been upgraded to become  more "responsive". This means that whatever device you use to download it, the quality level will remain the same. The upgrade has also been an occasion to update and improve many pages with the most recent due to be added in the coming days. I would like to extend my warmest thanks to my daughter Elise for the huge amount of work she has done in putting in place these changes which we hope will much improve the website.
Since its launch in September 2011, over 175.000 people have visited and over 500.000 pages have been consulted. Many thanks for all your support.



4 new DBS have been identified : DBS/5040/R (England) - DBS/5154/R (England) - DBS/5178/R (Australia) - DBS/5466/R (Japan).  In addition, you will find in this newsletter, new pictures of DBS/5381/R, DBS/5529/R, DBS/5639/R, DBS/5746/R, DBS/5753/R, DBS/5756/RC, DBS/5761/R and DBS/5803/R, already identified previously.


8 new DBS have been identified : DBS/5098/RAC (England) - DBS/5344/R (Germany) - DBS/5480/R (Switzerland) - DBS/5573/L (Austria) - DBS/5575/LC (Spain) - DBS/5710/R (England) - DBS/5787/LC (Spain) - DBS/5826/R (Austria).  Many thanks to Frank (Germany), Javier (Spain), Peter (Germany), Thomas (France) and Wolfgang (Austria) for their strong support to this census.  In addition, you will find in this newsletter, new pictures of DBS/5007/L, DBS/5009/R, DBS/5033/LAC, DBS/5148/R, DBS/5337/R, DBS/5373/R, DBS/5453/R, DBS/5498/R, DBS/5572/L, DBS/5643/R and DBS/5677/RC, already identified previously.  To be noticed that DBS/5671/R is now considered as destroyed.  The car recently got fire damage and all its remaining parts are now for sale on eBay.




9 new DBS identified : DBS/5083/LAC (USA) - DBS/5137/R (England) - DBS/5144/RAC - DBS/5198/RAC (Scotland) - DBS/5247/R - DBS/5331/R - DBS/5384/R - DBS/5557/RC - DBS/5655/R. To be noticed, the surprising idea to convert DBS/5137/R in an AC Cobra equipped with a DBS V8 engine (more details about this conversion on this link). Last but not least, you will find in this last newsletter for the year 2018, new pictures of DBS/5080/R, DBS/5152/R, DBS/5391/R, DBS/5644/LC and DBS/5677/RC, already identified previously. Many thanks to Charles-Henry (France), Chris (England), Eugène (Belgium), Frank (Germany), Louis (France), Vincent (Belgium) et Wolfgang (Austria) for their strong support to this census. Merry Christmas !




6 new DBS identified : DBS/5043/R (UK) - DBS/5118/R (UK) - DBS/5362/R (USA) - DBS/5607/R (UK) - DBS/5731/R (UK) - DBS/5742/R (Germany). Many thanks to Louis (France), Robert (UK), Tim (UK), and Wolfgang (Austria) for their strong support.  To be noticed that DBS/5043/R has been seen in the 1970 British "The Ballad of Tam Lin" also named "The Devil's Widow", with Ava Gardner as main actress. Concerning DBS/5731/R, which has now a V8 front face and is equipped with a Jaguar V12 engine,it is quite sure that its convertible conversion is not a Paul Banham one, the back of the car being not as elegant as the ones made by this famous bodybuilder.  It is the same for DBS/5290/R that I have considered by mistake as a Paul Banham one. Based on what its last owner said to me, some conversion parts have been supplied by Paul Banham, but the works has been made by another unidentified bodybuilder. DBS/5290/R will be removed from the Paul Banham Convertibles page and moved to another page which will be dedicated to convertibles made by other bodybuilders.




7 new DBS identified : DBS/5084/R (Holland) - DBS/5271/LAC (USA) - DBS/5402/LAC (Spain) - DBS/5409/L (France) - DBS/5507/LC (USA) - DBS/5601/R (South Africa) - DBS/5767/R (UK).  One more DBS has been identified in England as destroyed : DBS/5608/R. Many thanks to Arnaud (France), Arnhès (Holland), Frédéric (France), Marien (Holland), et Wolfgang (Austria) for their nice support. To be noticed that new pictures of DBS/5404/LC, DBS/5491/R, DBS/5657/R and DBS/5817/R have just been added.


After more than one year and half without publishing any newsletter, I am finally back with 21 new DBS identified : DBS/5003/LAC (Germany), DBS/5033/LAC (Netherland), DBS/5068/R (UK), DBS/5112/RAC (Hong Kong), DBS/5132/R (UK), DBS/5266/R (UK), DBS/5301/LAC (Greece), DBS/5420/L (Germany), DBS/5421/LC (Switzerland), DBS/5428/LAC , DBS/5491/R (UK), DBS/5497/LC (US), DBSFI/5592/R (UK), DBSFI/5629/R (Irland), DBS/5634/R (UK), DBS/5639/R (UK), DBS/5690/R (UK), DBS/5764/R (UK), DBS/5795/R (UK), DBS/5798/RC (Germany) and DBS/5817/RA (UK).  To be noticed that DBS/5497/LC has been exhibited in 1969 at the Earls Court London Motor Show and New York Motor Show.  Many thanks to all the ones who have kept contributing to keep me informed every time a disappeared DBS was appearing somewhere.  It would be too long to thank them all personnaly, but they will know who I am talking about.  Many thanks as well to all the DBS owners who have contacted me and who have accepted to send me a picture of their car for publication on the website.  On my side, I hope to find some more time to keep maintaining alive as long as possible.



  A new page dedicated to DBS/5001/R, the first-ever 6 cylinder DBS built.

A new page dedicated to the 1/43 size Aston Martin DBS model by Tenariv. To be noticed that this kit is unfortunately not available for sale anymore, because the Tenariv company has stopped its activity in 2008.


7 new DBS identified : DBS/5170/RAC (England), DBS/5223/R (Australia), DBS/5352/L (France), DBS/5448/R (Sweden), DBS/5589/R (Japan), DBS/5630/R (Switzerland) and DBS/5640/RC (England). Many thanks to Lance (Australia), Louis (France), Micke (Sweden), Wolfgang (Austria) and Yuji (Japan) for their support.


10 new DBS identified : DBS/5069/R (England), DBS/5140/R (Australia), DBS/5215/R (Germany), DBS/5253/R (England), DBS/5278/R (England), DBS/5280/R (England), DBS/5310/R (USA), DBS/5452/R (England), DBS/5651/LC (Canada) and DBS/5827/RC (England). Many thanks to Arnhès (Holland), Erick (Luxembourg), Ernest (Canada), Frédéric (France), Louis (France), Nicki (Luxembourg), Marian (Australia), Philip (France), Stéphane (France) et Wolfgang (Austria) for the information received. Have nice holidays !


4 new DBS identified : DBS/5090/R (England) - DBS/5290/R (England) - DBS/5430/LC (Belgium) - DBS/5543/R (England). DBS/5290/R has been deeply modified. It has received a new front face inspired by the AM V8, a Rover V8 engine and gearbox, and it appears now as a Convertible by Paul Banham, but it looks that the conversion has not been made by Paul Banham himself, but only the specific elements of this conversion have been supplied by this famous company about 15 years ago. Concerning DBS/5430/LC, it has been converted in DB4GT Zagato Replica by the UK coachbuilder Rod Jolley.


Happy New Year !  6 new DBS identified : DBS/5062/R (Sweden) - DBS/5110/L (France) - DBS/5293/LAC (France) - DBS/5317/L (Belgium) - DBS/5364/R (Netherland) - DBS/5595/R (France). With DBS/5110/L and DBS/5317/L, these are two original french cars (delivered to France from new) which have just reappeared, bringing to 20 the number of surviving original french cars (+ one destroyed) on the 26 originally built. Many thanks to Alain (France), Eugène (Belgium), Julien (France), Philip (France), Thomas (Sweden) et Wolfgang (Austria) for their very kind contribution.


10 new DBS identified : DBS/5071/R (England) - DBS/5142/R (Canada) - DBS/5143/R (England) - DBS/5151/R (Australia) - DBS/5254/R (England) - DBS/5464/R (England) - DBS/5468/R (USA) - DBS/5529/R (England) - DBS/5540/R (England) - DBS/5695/RFI (Germany). To be noticed : before being completely destroyed by fire, DBS/5468/R has been converted DB3S replica. Last June, its owner tried to sell on eBay the burnt chassis of the car, but without any success. Many thanks to my friend Wolfgang (Autriche) for his strong support (4 cars identified !!!) and to Bruce (Australia) for having shared pictures of his DBS with me.


2 new Convertibles by Paul Banham identified !!! DBS/5691/R : a RHD converted by Paul Banham in 1991. Many thanks to Patrick (its actual and lucky owner since 1994) for having accepted to publish some pictures of this very nice DBS which can be seen in the Troyes region in France. DBS/5177/R : another RHD,which has been for sale twice on eBay during summer.  Both times, it seems that the reserved price has not been reached.  Thanks a lot to Wolfgang (Austria) and Nikki (Luxemburg) for having informed me. Both Convertibles have been added to the census. The number of identified 6 cylinder DBS being still "alive" is now 339 on the 802 DBS built.


6 new DBS identified : DBS/5363/R (England) - DBS/5365/RC (England) - DBS/5425/LAC (USA) - DBS/5439/R - DBS/5568/R - DBS/5646/LC. Confirmation that DBS/5124/R et DBS/5182/R have been scrapped in England, with supporting evidence concerning DBS/5182/R (thanks to Chris for the picture showing the car on the way destruction...). In addition, new pictures of DBS/5259/R, DBS/5342/R and DBS/5692/R have been put on line. Many thanks to Chris (England), Len (USA), Mika (France), Roger (Switzerland), Stéphane (France) and Wolfgang (Austria) for their strong and continuous support.  And special thanks to Farras (USA) for authorizing me to publish a picture of his nice DBS.


A new page dedicated to the hand-crafted Paul Banham Convertible Aston Martin DBS models. Congratulations to these talented enthusiasts (unfortunately unknown) for their superb works !


7 new DBS identified : DBS/5318/R (Australia) - DBS/5385/R (England) - DBS/5427/R (South Africa) - DBS/5581/R (Australia) - DBS/5687/RC (Austria) - DBS/5728/R (England) - DBS/5786/LC (Spain). With these additional identified DBS, the number of cars in the census in now 330.  Many thanks to Hakan (Sweden), Philip (France), Wolfgang (Austria), and Michael (Spain) for these important information. To be noticed a new picture of DBS/5249/RAC, recently discovered in Honk Kong.  Many thanks to Edmund, its owner, for the pictures of his nice DBS.


A new page fully dedicated to DBS/5636/R, the fabulous DBS of the TV Series "The Persuaders!". Many thanks to Ed Stratton, its current owner, for having accepted to tell us the story of this famous car.


Very nice press article, titled "Aston Modernism", published in May 1988 in the english magazine Supercar Classics, with the participation of DBS/5688/R, owned by the same person since 1972, a record ! I have been lucky to meet Graeme, the owner, at Kensington Garden (London) during the Aston Martin Centenary celebration in July 2013, where his DBS was one of the stars of the impressive and memorable "Centenary Timeline". Many thanks to Hakan from Sweden for having sent me this nice press article !


5 new DBS identified : DBS/5248/R (Canada) - DBS/5262/R (Australia) - DBS/5434/L (Switzerland) - DBS/5611/R (England) - DBS/5775/R (France). Thanks a lot to Stuart (Canada), Wolfgang (Austria), Christopher (Switzerland), Bruce (England) and Charles-Henry (France) for the key information provided to me about these cars.  To ne noticed that DBS/5775/R can be seen in France at the Musée Automobile de Vernon. A special note to Charles-Henry from France who did put online 18 months ago a website fully dedicated to Maserati Mexico : This english and french language website, extremely well documented, does introduce a huge census of the 482 Maserati Mexico produced by Maserati between 1966 and 1972.


A new press article, titled "Pride and prejudice", published in June 2005 in the magazine Octane, and comparing the Aston Martin DBS to the DB6 its elder. To be noticed that the DBS used for this article is DBS/5660/R.


The page related to the "DBS Estate" has been modified in order to mention the sale by Bonhams of this car on May 19th, 2012 at Newport Pagnell. Several new and very nice pictures of this unique DBS have been added.


Happy New year and all the best for 2014 ! During this new year, I will do my best to keep sharing history information and news related to the Aston Martin DBS. Today, a new page dedicated to the 1/43 scale diecast DBS produced by the german company Minichamps. Thanks a lot to my american friend Len for the pictures he did send to me.  To be noticed that the census section "Unidentified" has been enriched with many additional unknown cars. Thanks to my friend Mika for his strong contribution to this. And a special thank to my good friend Philip who is taking care of translating my french pages, with the sensitivity and the kindness that is so typical of him. And now, let's go for 2014 !


6 new DBS identified : DBS/5002/R (England) - DBS/5267/R (England) - DBS/5306/R (Australia) - DBS/5406/L (Sweden) - DBS/5510/R (Belgium) - DBS/5645/LC (Portugal). Thanks a lot to Philip (France), John (England), Mark (Australia), Hakan (Sweden), Dimitri (Belgium) and David (Portugal) for this information. To be noticed that DBS/5002/R has been used as a prototype by the Newport Pagnell ingeniors for the development of the 5.0 litre V8 engine of Tadek Marek which had been tested during the 1967 Le Mans race on a Lola T70 Mark III, bringing the car to its early retirement from the race. Today, DBS/5002/R is equipped with the 5.3 litre production spec V8 engine of the DBS V8 and is right now for sale in England.


A new page dedicated to the 1/24 size Aston Martin DBS model by Air-Trax. To be noticed that the original paint color of DBS/5013/R has just been identified, and it is "Kingfisher Blue".  With this new color, the number of different paint colors used during the four year production period of the DBS 6 cylinder cars is now 63. Thanks a lot to Christopher (AMOC UK) for this important information. Only 9 cars remain with their original paint color still unidentified...


A new press article, titled "What dreams are made of", published in September 2013 in the magazine Octane, and dedicated to the famous DBS heroine of the TV Series "The Persuaders" and to Ed Stratton its actual owner. Thanks to Ed Stratton, with whom I am in contact for few months, some mistakes have been corrected on the page "The Persuaders", especially about the restoration of the car during the 90s. To be noticed that a special page will be dedicated in the future to this mythical car which is DBS/5636/R, thanks to the key and kindly support of Ed. One more word to inform you that the figure of 1500 connections to has been reach in October. Thanks a lot for your loyalty and for your interest in this website.


A new page dedicated to the different paint colors used for the 6 cylinder Aston Martin DBS during its four and half years of production. Many hours of work have allowed me to get an almost complete picture. Now, I let you discover what has been the most popular color. Maybe some of you will be surprised by the result...


A new press article published in October 1983 in the english magazine Sporting Cars under the title "Fast and furious". To be noticed in the current events that DBS/5556/R has just been sold on September 14th by Bonhams for 49,450 £.  One more word to inform you that the figure of 20,000 visits to has just been reached. Thanks a lot to all of you for you loyalty.


A new page dedicated to the 1/43 size DBSC Touring model by Politoys. To be noticed this week that DBS/5433/L has just been sold in France again. Offered at the incredible price of 180.000 €, this fantastic 1970 Vantage model seems to have found a new owner at a price very close to what was requested. The so waited return to grace of the Aston Martin DBS is now a reality !


A new page, as a kind of biography of one of the "artists" of the Aston Martin history during the David Brown age : Tadek Marek.  To be noticed in the current events a very nice new picture of DBS/5556/R.  This DBS will be sold by Bonhams at their Goodwood auction on September 13th.


I am finally back after 3 months of involuntary absence, but with many new pages coming soon and with 8 new DBS identified : DBS/5029/LAC (Denmark) - DBS/5060/R (Australia) - DBS/5171/R (England) - DBS/5200/LAC (USA) - DBS/5201/R (England) - DBS/5330/R (England) - DBS/5396/R (Germany) - DBS/5747/R (England). I have taken the decision to withdraw from the census the chassis numbers DBS/5248/R, DBS/5666/R and DBS/5744/RC, because the pictures that I got wereb to old to consider the cars as beeing still alive. Thanks to Christopher (england), Stéphane (France) and Wolfgang (Austria) for their reniewed support, and thanks to the danish owner of DBS/5029/LAC for the very nice pictures of his car. Finally, it is to be noticed that DBS/5200/LAC jas just been sold by Bonhams in the USA for 148.500 $ (111.461 €) !


8 new DBS identified : DBS/5034/LAC (USA) - DBS/5240/R (England) - DBS/5277/R (England) - DBS/5360/L (Portugal) - DBS/5411/LAC (USA) - DBS/5562/R (Australia) - DBS/5822/RCA (Australia) - DBS/5829/R (England). To be noticed that DBS/5829/R is the very last 6 cylinder DBS produced. Thanks a lot to Chris (Englans), Dominic (Germany), Hugo (Australia), Joao Paulo (Portugal) et Russel (USA) for their support.


A new page related to the 1/43 size diorama of the Aston Martin DBS which featured in "On her Majesty's Secret Service".


7 new DBS identified : DBS/5117/LAC (USA) - DBS/5159/R (Netherland) - DBS/5299/RAC (England) - DBS/5346/RAC (England) - DBS/5413/LC (USA) - DBS/5501/R (Wales) - DBS/5666/R (England). Thanks a lot to Chris (England), Steven (England) and Wolfganf (Austria) for their support. To be noticed that DBS/5299/RAC is the third identified DBS (together with DBS/5123/R and DBS/5578/RFI) which has been modified with a front of V8. With these 7 car, the number of 300 identified DBS has just been reached. But we have to continue our research because other survivors can be discovered...


5 new DBS identified : DBS/5111/L (France) - DBS/5328/R (Belgium) - DBS/5446/R (UK) - DBS/5578/RFI (Netherland) - DBS/5670/R (Germany). Thanks to Dominic (Germany), Stéphane (France) and Wolfgang (Austria) for their support. To be noticed that DBS/5111/L has been introduced at the Grand-Palais auctions by Bonhams on February 7th, 2013, but the car has remained unsold. At the same time, DBS/5313/L has been sold by Artcurial at the french classic motor show Retromobile auctions for an amount of 100.074 € (freights included). Both cars had been delivered from new by Garage Mirabeau (Paris), respectively to Monaco and to France. One more word to inform you that a new Convertible by Paul Banham as just been discovered : DBSV8/10164/R.


A new page dedicated to the 6 cylinder DBS chassis used for building replicas of older and more prestigious Aston Martin cars.


A new press article, published in the magazine Classic & Sports Car in July 2002, and comparing four '70s GTs : a 1970 Fiat Dino 2400 Coupé, a 1970 Jaguar Type E series II, a 1969 MGC GT and a 1971 Aston Martin DBS Vantage series II. The DBS which has been chosen for this article is DBS/5724/R. I take the opportunity of this first 2013 newsletter to wish Happy New Year and all the best to all of you ! 2013 is announced as a great year, because Aston Martin is going to celebrate its 100 years anniversary, with many events all along the year. Enjoy 2013 and be careful on the roads !


5 new DBS identified : DBS/5017/R (UK) - DBS/5057/L (Netherland) - DBS/5378/R (UK) - DBS/5642/LC (USA) - DBS/5657/R (UK). DBS/5017/R chassis has been used to build a DB3 S replica and DBS/5657/R is for sale right now in the UK. Thanks a lot to Chris (UK), Mika (France) and Philip (France) for the information sent. Over 10000 visits to ! Thanks a lot to all of you for your loyalty.


A new press article published in November 1995 in the french magazine Auto Rétro. As in the previous article published in the same magazine in May 1984, the DBS which has been used is DBSFI/5486/L, one of the first examples equipped with AE Brico electronic injection. The car is presented in this article with SU carburettors, reputed as more reliable.


New update of the page dedicated to the TV series The Persuaders, with the addition of the video of the famous race on the Côte d'Azur between Brett Sinclair's Aston Martin DBS and Danny Wilde's Dino, and the addition of two pictures showing a french calendar published in 2012 by "La Poste" and fully dedicated to this cult TV series.


6 new DBS identified : DBS/5012/R (France) - DBS/5014/R (France) - DBS/5194/R (Belgium) - DBS/5342/R (UK) - DBS/5579/RFI (UK) - DBS/5681/R (France). This last one is a very nice Convertible by Banham, discovered in 2004 in a parking in Paris by its actual owner.  Finally, chassis number DBS/5182/R has been added to the census as "Scrapped or destroyed". Thanks a lot to my regular "informants" Chris (England), Mika (France), Philip (France) and Wolfgang (Austria) for their strong support.


A new page dedicated to an hand-crafted slot car. Congratulations to my friend Wolfgang (Austria) for this discovery and thanks a lot to him for having sent to me these nice pictures.


Maybe the very first press article introducing the Aston Martin DBS. It is dated September 28th 1967 and it has been published in the famous english magazine AUTOCAR. To be noticed, on the table of contents page, a small picture of a dark DBS (registered WKX 2 E) showing an unusual double grille in place of the famous side strake. We are probably in front of an early prototype, which means a car built before DBS/5001/R.


A new page introducing the third and last sales brochure published by Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd for its 6 cylinder DBS.


New update of the page "End of road" with in addition to the existing pictures the discovery of a single lot of 5 Aston Martin being for sale in the US in April 2012. Thanks a lot to André Bloom for having early informed me about this very sad car graveyard that he discovered at the end of the 90s.


Press article published in the french magazine Sport Auto in July 1997. The author is comparing the Aston Martin DBS Vantage to the Dino 246 GT, as in the famous TV series The Persuaders. The DBS featuring in this article is chassis number DBS/5380/L (before its repainting). Thank a lot to my friend Wolfgang (Austria) for his nice pictures. To be noticed that chassis number DBS/5484/L, suspected to have been destroyed in the early 2000s, is suddenly reappeared in England. An an going full refurbishment of this DBS has been started. Finally, I want to thank very much Christian from Rudgwick (West Sussex - UK) for his strong support concerning the TV series Man at the Top.


8 new DBS identified : DBS/5051/L (Spain) - DBS/5109/R - DBS/5248/R - DBS/5314/LAC (USA) - DBS/5537/R (UK) - DBS/5692/R (Germany) - DBS/5757/RC (UK) - DBS/5806/R (UK). Thanks a lot to Dave (USA), Mika (France) and Wolfgang (Austria) for their support. It is to be noticed that DBS/5109/R was used for the studio scenes in "On her Majesty's Secret Service".


A new page dedicated to the British TV series of the 70's Man at the Top.


A new page dedicated to video games.


Press article published in July 1969 in the english magazine MOTOR SPORT. Its title : Picture making or an excuse for a fast run in an Aston Martin DBS... Concerning the DBS/5313/L that I had recently identified as destroyed, I have to admit that this car has just reappeared, and it is still very nice. Sorry for this unintentional mistake which will be corrected in the census soon.


Several pages have been updated during summer (with new pictures, posters, logos, etc...), mainly in the "Models" and "Films & series" sections. I let you discover them by yourselves. At the same time, 10 new DBS have been identified : DBS/5026/L (France) - DBS/5168/R (England) - DBS/5196/R (Australia) - DBS/5372/RAC (England) - DBS/5436/RAC (England) - DBS/5500/R (Austria) - DBS/5671/R - DBS/5685/R - DBS/5701/R - DBS/5808/RC (Germany). Finally, 8 chassis numbers (DBS/5024/R, DBS/5204/LAC, DBS/5300/L, DBS/5313/L, DBS/5397/LC, DBS/5506/LC, DBS/5583/LC and DBS/5665/R) have been added to the census as "Scrapped or destroyed".


The Persuaders : at the bottom of the page, the video of the opening.


8 new DBS identified : DBS/5028/L (Italy) – DBS/5294/R (UK) – DBS/5308/LAC (USA) – DBS/5475/R (Germany) – DBS/5572/L (Germany) – DBS/5624/R (UK) – DBS/5717/R (UK) – DBS/5815/RA (Belgium). Many thanks to Chris (UK) and Wolfgang (Austria) for their assistance.


A new page introducing the 1/43 size DBSC model by the italian company ABC Brianza.


Press article published in November 1989 in the english magazine POPULAR CLASSICS. With an unflattering conclusion for the DBS... Over 5000 visits to Thanks a lot to all of you for your loyalty.


8 new DBS identified : DBS/5166/RAC (UK) – DBS/5250/R (Germany) – DBS/5367/R (Australia) – DBS/5412/L (Belgium) – DBS/5548 (Australia) – DBS/5644/LC (Canada) – DBS/5739/R (UK) – DBS/5802/RA (UK). Thanks a lot to Bob (Canada), Mika (France) and Wolfgang (Austria) for their support. Special thanks to Christopher Bolton from the AMOC UK for his strong and regular assistance.


This week, a press article published in May 2010 in the magazine Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car. This article put face to face a 1969 6 cylinder DBS and a 1971 DBS V8, owned by two famous AMOC members in the USA. A big thank to Leonard Levin for having sent this press article to me and for his strong support.


A new page introducing the second sales brochure published by Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd for its DBS. To be noticed the coming sale of the DBS Shooting Brake by FLM Panelcraft (see at the bottom of the page).


10 new DBS identified : DBS/5191/R (UK) - DBS/5255/R (UK) - DBS/5256/LAC (USA) - DBS/5327/R (USA) - DBS/5350/R (UK) - DBS/5441/LC (USA) - DBS/5638/R (Netherland) - DBS/5683/R (UK) - DBS/5799/R (UK) - DBS/5821/RA (New Zealand). Thanks to Mika and Wolfgang for their strong support.


A new page introducing an australian Convertible.


I am back, after few days between nice sun and good snow. 10 new cars identified, thanks to Mika (France), Philip (France), Stéphane (France) and Wolfgang (Austria) : DBS/5167/R (UK) - DBS/5287/R (Australia) - DBS/5292/R (Australia) - DBS/5316/L (Australia) - DBS/5355/R (Netherland) - DBS/5445/LAC (Sweden) - DBS/5521/R (Germany) - DBS/5662/R (UK) - DBS/5754/R (UK) - DBS/5796/R (Australia).


A new page introducing a "programable" car named Datamatic Car, produced by the english company Airfix Toys Ltd.


Press article published in May 1984 in the french magazine AUTO RETRO and related to a road test of an Aston Martin DBS Saloon owned by one of the most famous french Aston Martin collectors. The car, chassis number DBSFI/5486/L, is one of the first examples equipped with AE Brico electronic injection. At the time this road test has been done at high speed level on french countryside roads, this injection system, reputed as quite unreliable, had already been replaced on the car by three SU carburettors.


Thanks to the help of several internet users, the census of the 6 cylinder DBS keeps going and 10 additional cars have been recently identified : DBS/5059/LAC ( USA) - DBS/5102/R (USA) - DBS/5156/R (Australia) - DBS/5274/LAC (USA) - DBS/5320/LAC (USA) - DBS/5459/RAC (Australia) - DBS/5539/R (Norway) - DBS/5669/R (Germany) - DBS/5740/R (UK) - DBS/5792/RC (Australia). Many thanks to Jelle (Belgium), Julian (Australia), Leonard (USA), Mika (France), Philip (France) and Stéphane (France).


One more press article. This one has been published in the english magazine MOTOR on December 1968. Its title : S for "Superb". What a nice program...


10 new cars identified : DBS/5218/LAC (Austria) - DBS/5238/R (USA) - DBS/5366/R (UK) - DBS/5431/R (Sweden) - DBS/5582/R (UK) - DBS/5658/R (Australia) - DBS/5697/R (Greece) - DBS/5721/RC (UK) - DBS/5782/LC (USA) - DBS/5804/RA (UK). Many thanks to Mika, Thierry, Eric, John, Wolfgang and Russel for their support.


New page introducing the press articles (in english and in french) published since september 1967.


A new identified Convertible by Paul Banham. The car is DBS/5746/R, sold by H&H Classics Ltd. in 2001. Happy New year and all the best for 2012 !


Creation of a new page showing a service guide published by the company Texaco. Merry Christmas to everybody !


5 new cars identified : DBS/5106/LAC (USA) - DBS/5119/RAC (Australia) - DBS/5133/R (Australia) - DBS/5152/R (New Zealand) - DBS/5188/LAC (USA). Many thanks to Mika for his invaluable support.


Inauguration of the english version of : Many thanks to my friend Philip Turle for the wonderful job he has done.




12 new cars identified : DBS/5010/R (UK) - DBS/5013/R (Irland) - DBS/5023/R (Australia) - DBS/5030/R (Australia) - DBS/5049/LAC (Switzerland) - DBS/5052/RAC (USA) - DBS/5054/R (Irland) - DBS/5067/LAC (USA) - DBS/5073/LAC (Denmark)   DBS/5080/R (UK) - DBS/5082/RAC (Australia) - DBS/5088/R (France). Many thanks to Mickaël Petit (aka "Mika") for the wonderful job he has done on the census and which he has decided to share with us on this site. Over 1000 visits to Thanks a lot to all of you for your loyalty.


Creation of a new page showing the Corgi Aston Martin DBS 1/64 miniature toy cars.




There have been 9 recent additions to our current  census of Aston Martin DBS 6 cylinder cars. A big thanks to all those of you who have passed on this new information.

DBS/5074/LAC (USA) - DBS/5120/RAC (UK) - DBS/5235/R (UK) - DBS/5257/R (Germany) - DBS/5259/R (France) - DBS/5404/LC (USA) - DBS/5621/R (Germany) - DBS/5743/R (Germany) - DBS/5761/R (UK).


Inauguration of