Production figures

Production of the Aston Martin DBS 6 cylinder car started in September 1967 with DBS/5001/R and ended in April 1972 with DBS/5829/R even though only 829 examples were ever built.

I have been fortunate enough to consult the production records at the Aston Martin Heritage Centre in Gaydon and I worked out that the total production run was of 802 cars after taking into account the following points.

- According to the AMOC, DBS/5712/R was destroyed after being used for a crash test. I therefore did not include it.

- DBS/5800/R does not appear in the production register which means it was never built. However, I have managed to identify this DBS which still exists, I have therefore included it in the figures.

-  26 chassis were not included in the DBS 6 cylinder production register as these examples later received V8 engines. They are as follows :


DBS/5703/R --> DBS V8/10168/R DBS/5769/R --> DBS V8/....?..../R
DBS/5704/R --> DBS V8/10166/R DBS/5770/R --> DBS V8/10163/R
DBS/5705/R --> DBS V8/10164/R DBS/5771/R --> DBS V8/10174/R
DBS/5706/L --> DBS V8/10201/LC DBS/5772/R --> DBS V8/10167/R
DBS/5715/R --> DBS V8/10178/R DBS/5773/R --> DBS V8/10171/R
DBS/5716/R --> DBS V8/10181/R DBS/5774/R --> DBS V8/10184/R
DBS/5719/R --> DBS V8/10183/R DBS/5776/R --> DBS V8/10182/R
DBS/5722/R --> DBS V8/10177/R DBS/5777/R --> DBS V8/10169/R
DBS/5749/R --> DBS V8/....?..../R DBS/5778/R --> DBS V8/10185/R
DBS/5759/R --> DBS V8/10175/R DBS/5780/R --> DBS V8/10170/R
DBS/5765/R --> DBS V8/10186/R DBS/5781/R --> DBS V8/10172/R
DBS/5766/R --> DBS V8/10176/R DBS/5784/R --> DBS V8/10188/R
DBS/5768/R --> DBS V8/10173/R DBS/5785/R --> DBS V8/10189/R


Between September 1967 and May 1972 the 802 examples were built as follows : 3 in 1967, 238 in 1968, 309 in 1969, 180 in 1970, 49 in 1971 and 23 in 1972.  The different versions are as follows :


130 left hand drive cars equipped with the manuel five speed ZF gearbox
51 left hand cars equipped with the automatic three speed Borg Warner gearbox
317 right hand drive cars equipped with the manuel five speed ZF gearbox
304 right had drive cars equipped with the automatic three speed Borg Warner gearbox


Of the 181 left hand drive cars, 78 are Vantage models including 71 equipped with the manual five-speed ZF gearbox and 7 with the automatic three speed Borg Warner gearbox.

15 examples (according to production records) were originally equipped with AE Brico electronic injection.  They are the following: DBSFI/5486/L, DBSFI/5561/R, DBSFI/5576/LC, DBSFI/5592/R, DBSFI/5597/R, DBSFI/5610/R, DBSFI/5616/R, DBSFI/5617/R, DBSFI/5618/R, DBSFI/5619/RC, DBSFI/5620/R, DBSFI/5621/R, DBSFI/5697/R, DBSFI/5748/R, DBSFI/5790/L.  It is possible that other DBS 6 cylinders were also equipped with electronic injection not mentioned in the production records.  This could be the case concerning DBS/5577/R, DBS/5578/R, DBS/5626/R et DBS/5736/R, and several other cars.


N.B. : I realise that the 802 production number mentioned above (the result of my study of the factory production register) does not correspond to the figure given by the AMOC. My aim is obviously not to call into doubt their work. My conclusions are based on a study of the documents to which I had access, and I am of course ready to correct this figure in relation to any complementary elements I may be given and as a result of the vehicle census I am still undertaking.


Principal source of information : Heritage Motor Center (Gaydon - UK)

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