"Special ones"

A certain number of cars deserve a special mention as they have been featured in public events, films or TV series or been featured in press articles. They include the following chassis numbers:


DBS/5001/R First DBS 6 cylinder built (Vantage spec), starred in The Avengers TV series
DBS/5002/R DBS V8 Vantage prototype
DBS/5005/R Development car
DBS/5006/L First DBS (Vantage spec) delivered to France, featured in an article from the magazine RETRO PASSION (September 2009)
DBS/5027/L 1968 Geneva Motor Show car
DBS/5028/L 1968 Geneva Motor Show car
DBS/5041/LAC 1968 Barcelona Motor Show car
DBS/5042/LAC 1968 Barcelona Motor Show car
DBS/5063/R Factory test car, built to David Brown’s specification
DBS/5072/RAC Equipped with three successive 6 cylinder engines before a V8 protoype in 1974 capable of 345 bhp at 5.500t/min
DBS/5102/R Road test car for AUTOCAR magazine (10th October 1968) and MOTOR (21st December 1968)
DBS/5108/LAC Produced on August 30th, 1968 and dispatched on September 2nd the same year, this DBS was delivered new to the Imperial Palace of Addis-Abeba in Ethiopia. The lucky custodian was 36-year old Dejazmatch Merid Beyene, the second son of Princess Romanework and Prince Beyene Merid. Princess Romanework was the eldest daughter of Haïlé Sélassié 1, the Emperor of Ethiopia and it is rumoured that this DBS was one of six delivered to the Ethiopian royal family ! This rumour still remains to be confirmed. Below are three pictures of this DBS, painted in "Dubonnet Rosso" with "Pigskin" trim and Webasto sun roof which was discovered in 2020 by an English citizen working in Ethiopia. There is also a picture of Merid Beyene when he was 19 years old. 
  DBS/5108/LAC in 2020 - Prince Beyene Merid in 1951
DBS/5109/R Lent by Aston Martin for the film « On Her Majesty’s Secret Service » (1969)
DBS/5110/L 1968 Paris Motor Show car
DBS/5115/R 1968 London Earls Court Motor Show car
DBS/5213/R Appeared in an article from THOROUGHBRED & CLASSIC CARS (November 1995)
DBS/5234/R Factory demonstration car used for exterior shots in the film « On Her Majesty’s Secret Service » (1969)
DBS/5256/LAC Has been owned by the British actor Ewan McGregor
DBS/5263/R Featured in an article in AUTOCAR magazine (16th October 1969)
DBS/5284/L 1969 Geneva Motor Show car
DBS/5356/R Sold by customs after having been seized from drug dealers
DBS/5380/L Winner of the 1995 Morocco Classic Rally (Greuet / Lair), featured in an article from SPORT AUTO (July 1997)
DBS/5399/R Appeared in the TV film « Man on Top » (1972)
DBS/5402/L 1969 Barcelona Motor Show car
DBS/5438/R Converted to convertible by Paul Banham & Specialised Engineering Ltd
DBS/5440/R Featured in an article in POPULAR CLASSICS (November 1989)
DBSFI/5486/L Dispatched new to France with AE-Brico fuel injection, featured in articles in AUTO RETRO magazine (May 1984 and November 1995)
DBS/5497/LC 1969 Earls Court London and New York Motor Shows car
DBS/5557/R Changeover from Series 1 to Series 2 DBS
DBS/5575/LC 1970 Barcelona Motor Show car
DBS/5576/LC 1970 Barcelona Motor Show car
DBSFI/5592/R The only DBS still equipped with AE Brico electronic injection
DBS/5636/R Starred in the TV series « The Persuaders », subject of an article from THOROUGHBRED & CLASSIC CARS (January 2006) and Octane (January 2013)
DBS/5660/R Featured in OCTANE (May 2005)
DBS/5676/L  1970 Paris Motor Show car
DBS/5678/R 1970 London Earls Court Motor Show car
DBS/5688/R Featured in articles from RETROVISEUR (May 1994), CLASSIC AND SPORTSCAR (March 1985) and CLASSIC CARS (April 1991)
DBS/5712/R Chassis destroyed during a crash test (M.I.R.A.)
DBS/5724/R Featured in CLASSIC & SPORTS CAR (May 2002) and Vantage (Summer 2013)
DBS/5730/R Converted to Shooting Brake in 1970 by FLM Panelcraft, and also known as a « DBS Estate »
DBS/5751/R Featured in CLASSIC & SPORTS CAR (In English in February 2006 and French in April 2008)
DBS/5755/RC Featured in SPORTING CARS (October 1983)
DBS/5786/LC 1971 Barcelona Motor Show car
DBS/5787/LC 1971 Barcelona Motor Show car
DBS/5802/R Appeared in the British TV series « Spooks » (or » MI-5 »)
DBS/5810/RCA 1971 Earls Court London Motor Show car
DBS/5829/RC Last DBS built


Main information source : Aston Martin Owners Club Register

Additional information : www.dbsvantage.com