"Special ones"

A certain number of cars deserve a special mention as they have been featured in public events, films or TV series or been featured in press articles. They include the following chassis numbers:


DBS/5001/R               First DBS 6 cylinder built (Vantage spec). Starred in The Avengers  TV series

DBS/5002/R              DBS V8 Vantage prototype

DBS/5005/R              Development car

DBS/5006/L               First DBS (Vantage spec) delivered to France. Featured in an article in the magazine RETRO PASSION (September 2009)

DBS/5027/L               1968 Geneva Motor Show car 

DBS/5028/L               1968 Geneva Motor Show car

DBS/5041/LAC           1968 Barcelona Motor Show car

DBS/5042/LAC           1968 Barcelona Motor Show car

DBS/5063/R               Factory test car, built to David Brown’s specification

DBS/5072/RAC           Equipped with three successive 6 cylinder engines before a V8 protoype in 1974 capable of 345 bhp at 5.500 t/mn

DBS/5102/R                Road test car for AUTOCAR magazine (10th October 1968) and MOTOR (21st December 1968)

DBS/5109/R                Lent by Aston Martin for the film « On Her Majesty’s Secret Service » (1969)

DBS/5110/L                 1968 Paris Motor Show car

DBS/5115/R                 1968 Earls Court London Motor Show car

DBS/5213/R                Appeared in an article in THOROUGHBRED & CLASSIC CARS  (November 1995)

DBS/5234/R               Factory demonstration car used for exterior shots in the film « On Her Majesty’s Secret Service » (1969)

DBS/5263/R               Featured in an article in AUTOCAR magazine (16th October 1969)

DBS/5284/L               1969 Geneva Motor Show car

DBS/5356/R               Sold by customs after having been seized from drug traffikers.

DBS/5380/L               Winner of the 1995 Morocco Classic Rally (Greuet / Lair). Featured in an article in SPORT AUTO (July 1997)

DBS/5399/R              Appeared in the TV film « Man on Top » (1972)

DBS/5402/L               1969 Barcelona Show car

DBS/5438/R               Converted to convertible by Paul Banham & Specialised Engineering Ltd

DBS/5440/R               Featured in an article in POPULAR CLASSICS (November 1989)

DBS/FI 5486/L           Dispatched new to France with AE-Brico fuel injection.  Featured in articles in AUTO RETRO magazine (May 1984 and November 1995)

DBS/5497/LC              1969 Earls Court London Motor Show and New York Motor Show car

DBS/5557/R                Changeover from Series 1 to Series 2 DBS

DBS/5575/LC              1970 Barcelona Motor Show car

DBS/5576/LC              1970 Barcelona Motor Show Car

DBS/5636/R                Starred in the TV series « The Persuaders ». Subject of an article in THOROUGHBRED & CLASSIC CARS (January 2006)

DBS/5660/R                Featured in OCTANE (May 2005)

DBS/5676/L                1970 Paris Motor Show car

DBS/5678/R                1970 Earls Court London Motor Show car

DBS/5688/R                Featured in articles in RETROVISEUR (May 1994), CLASSIC AND SPORTSCAR (March 1985) and CLASSIC CARS (April 1991)

DBS/5712/R                 Chassis destroyed during a crash test (M.I.R.A.)

DBS/5724/R                Featured in CLASSIC & SPORTS CAR (May 2002)

DBS/5730/R                Converted to Shooting Brake in 1970 by FLM Panelcraft, and also known as a « DBS Estate »

DBS/5751/R                Featured in CLASSIC & SPORTS CAR (In English in February 2006 – and French in April 2008)

DBS/5755/RC              Featured in SPORTING CARS (October 1983)

DBS/5786/LC              1971 Barcelona Motor Show car

DBS/5787/LC              1971 Barcelona Motor Show car

DBS/5802/R               Appeared in the British TV series « Spooks » (or » MI-5 »)

DBS/5810/RCA            1971 Earls Court London Motor Show car

DBS/5829/RC              Final DBS built


Main information source : Aston Martin Owners Club Register

Additional information : www.dbsvantage.com