Original french cars

Out of  the total number of  DBS 6 cylinder cars produced in Newport Pagnell between September 1967 and May 1972, only 26 were delivered new to France. They were sold by Garage Mirabeau which was the official Aston Martin importer. With the exception of DBS/5300/L which was equipped with SU carburators and of DBS/5007/L which was equipped with a three speed Borg Warner automatic gearbox, all the cars sold in France were of Vantage spec and had manuel five-speed ZF gear boxes. The aim of this page is to illustrate the twenty six DBS 6 cylinder cars, some of which are thankfully still in France today. It should be noted that the Garage Mirabeau also sold two other DBS 6 cylinder cars both of them non-Vantage spec outside France. The first to Monaco (DBS/5111/L) and the second to the USA (DBS/5408/LC). The latter was equipped with air conditioning and with a three speed Borg Warner automatic gearbox.




Dbs 5110 l cadre 1


DBS/5007/L DBS/5110/L DBS/5114/LAC DBS/5222/L DBS/5300/L
dbs-5313-l-1-cadre.jpg Dbs 5317 l cadre 1
DBS/5313/L DBS/5317/L DBS/5323/L DBS/5361/L DBS/5371/L





DBS/5380/L DBS/5400/LAC DBS/5409/L DBS/5458/LC DBS/5484/L


DBS/5485/L DBSFI/5486/L DBS/5553/L DBS/5555/LC DBS/5558/L




DBS/5598/L DBS/5599/L DBS/5614/L DBS/5627/L DBS/5676/L